Rudi De Raedt

     Rudi De Raedt


What is your main driver for doing research?

I have always been curious and interested in human emotions and behaviour, and how our brain shapes these phenomena. Human behaviour is fascinating. The freedom to be creative in designing experiments to increase our understanding of the mechanisms underlying the relationship between emotions, cognition and behaviour, and how this influences mental health, is very rewarding to me.

Why do you believe that strengthening mental health is so important?

Mental health is essential to the development of one’s potential, which is not only a crucial condition for individual well-being but also for more commitment and solidarity in personal relationships and society as a larger whole.

How could research change the world?

Very slowly, and sometimes sudden via a tipping-point mechanism in which insights from different disciplines suddenly merge to new ideas that challenge what we currently believe.

With whom outside academia did you already collaborate and achieved important results?

Clinicians with whom I collaborate inspired me to articulate the specific research questions we are currently investigating, as well as the interpretation of often puzzling results, and the translation into new treatment procedures.



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