Stijn Vandevelde

     Stijn Vandevelde


What is your main driver for doing research?

I hope research can contribute to critically reflect on what is happening in the world, not to give “definite” answers, but to facilitate and stimulate discussion in the spirit of the saying “Du choc des ideées jaillit la lumière” (inspired by Prof. Eric Broekaert, based on Boileau).

Why do you believe that strengthening mental health is so important?

Because everyone’s quality of life is of primordial importance.

How could research change the world?

Good question – if I find out the definitive answer, I will let you know! (but I hope research could primarily stimulate exchange of thoughts, ideas and practices).

With whom outside academia did you already collaborate and achieved important results?

I consider research and practice as two sides of the same coin: intrinsically connected and impossible to separate.



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