Four researchers received an award at Faculty Research Day

(27-09-2023) 'Show us what you got': that was the challenge at the Faculty Research Day on 21 September. Dozens of researchers took up the challenge. Four of them were awarded a prize.

This year too, many researchers were willing to present their current projects. Prior to the research day, participants could attend a short training course to prepare for a solid presentation. The trainings were organized in cooperation with Doctoral Schools.

Faculty researchers managed to pique the interest and curiosity of the visitors: fellow researchers asked questions or silently watched a presentation. And that is indeed the goal of the research day: bringing people together to learn from each other.

Research director Antoinette Verhage: "We want to give researchers not only the chance to explain their work to fellow researchers, but also to get to know each other better and network.

Jury Prizes

The societal value group, composed of professionals and experts who advise faculty on the social impact of research, chose three laureates from 21 entries.

First place: Sofie Verclyte, Stitching a Rights Narrative: Embroidery practices of Syrian women living in Shatila

The jury called her poster submission 'counterintuitive': Using something beautiful,embroidery, Sofie Verclyte shows how Syrian refugees deal with war trauma.

Second place: Yana Yakushina, Legal recognition of light pollution as an environmental problem

The societal value group praised the original and clear layout. The poster is also very scannable: you instantly find out what light pollution is all about, what problems it poses us and what the legal challenges are.

Third place: Lien Stolle, Digital Intimidation against Environmental Defenders

Digital harassment is a complex phenomenon. Researcher Stolle succeeded in explaining step-by-step and in a visually insightful way how environmental defenders are confronted with it and what further research is required.

Laureaat Audience AwardAudience Award

Ingrida Milkaite, Bidding Farewell to Barbie: Welcoming Alexa, Siri and Google. Voice Assistants and Children's Rights

Postdoctoral researcher Ingrida Milkaite, very cleverly, taps into the popularity of the recent Barbie movie to cast light on a very hot topic: virtual voice assistants and children's rights.

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