Legal Research Network

In 2008 the law faculties of the universities of Ghent, Groningen, Uppsala and Turku established the Legal Research Network. Since then, several more law faculties have joined the research network.

Each year the Legal Research Network organizes a summer school followed by a conference at which the results of the summer school are presented and discussed.

Check out the website of the Legal Research Network

The Guild

Established in 2016, The Guild is comprised of twenty-one of Europe's leading research-intensive universities in sixteen countries, and aims to strengthen the voice of academic institutions, their researchers and their students.

More information on The Guild's website

European Alliance for Social Sciences and Humanities (EASSH).

Founded in 2015, EASSH is a cross-disciplinary networking and lobbying organization that aims to bring together European networks from the social sciences and humanities, as well as associations, disciplines and universities, to weigh in on European research and innovation policy.

More information on the website of EASSH

Internationalization policy and collaborations at UGent level

More information about the UGent policy on internationalization and the university-wide networks and partnerships.