Ghent University has a long tradition in being very active on the international stage and has often been praised for this pioneering role. Both in education and research, many successful initiatives have been and are being developed.

These are both own initiatives and activities within the framework of international programs, within networks in which Ghent University participates or through bilateral agreements with partners from abroad. Sometimes they focus on exchange students or regular students, sometimes on lecturers and researchers.

Together they put Ghent University on the map and offer opportunities to its own and incoming students and staff to become more internationally and interculturally competent, to boost the quality of education and research and thus to contribute to finding solutions for major societal challenges.

International Cooperation

Institutional networks and associations

Ghent University is an active member of several key university associations that contribute to the development of European higher education policy.

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  • ENLIGHT is a European University, a transnational alliance composed of 9 European partners, coordinated by Ghent University. ENLIGHT will help shape the education of the future and will develop a long-term structural and strategic cooperation.

Regional Platforms

The Regional Platforms offer support, facilities and advice about cooperation with partners in six focus regions.

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International Thematic Networks

The International Thematic Networks are cooperative networks consisting of Ghent University staff members and international partners concerning a specific topic of excellence in education and research.

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Call for renewal ITN is now open – deadline: 29 August 2024

Structural International Partnerships

The Structural International Partnerships focus on university-wide cooperation with one or more preferential partners around the globe.

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Preferential Partnerships

The Preferential Partnerships focus on university-wide cooperation with one or more preferential partners around the globe.

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Global University Campus

The Ghent University Global Campus is the first European university at the Songdo Global University Campus (SGUC) in South Korea. It offers three bachelor's programs: Molecular BiotechnologyEnvironmental Technology and Food Technology. 

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Alumni Abroad

Ghent University is engaged to keep and strengthen the ties with its international alumni. Our alumni ambassadors are teamed-up in chapters around the globe.

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Vision and Policy