Ghent University is a world-class, open, pluralistic and socially engaged university. Our university is over 200 years old, offers more than 200 programmes and conducts research in many scientific disciplines.

Our credo is 'Dare to Think': we are a haven for courageous thinkers. 50,000 students and 15,000 employees constantly enter into dialogue with society. Ghent University encourages each of them to seek personal growth and rewards its students and staff for what they set in motion.

With one of the most progressive career models for academics in the world, Ghent University evaluates its scholars not only by the length of their publication list but also by the impact they pursue, what they achieve and how they collaborate. High-risk and interdisciplinary research are key. UGent’ers make science better and through that science, they also make the world better. Boldness, curiosity, experimentation, change of perspective, responsibility, daring to fail and the awareness of not knowing are more important than our (otherwise excellent...) position in the rankings.

From the bustling city of Ghent, Ghent University looks the whole world straight in the eye. Various disciplines such as biotechnology, aquaculture, microelectronics, history and veterinary medicine are internationally renowned. Our university is constantly expanding its horizons, by collaborating with the best universities in Belgium and abroad. We’re proud to say we are the first European university in South Korea, with Ghent University Global Campus.

Studenten in auditorium Leon De MeyerEducation

How we study the world

Our vision on learning and education refers to the credo Dare to Think. After all, Ghent University wants to educate those who stand with both feet in reality and dare to venture outside the box. Ghent University encourages this through multiperspectivism, the ability to perceive oneself through someone else's eyes.

Educational strategy

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How we examine the world

Research is the driving force of Ghent University. Frontiers are explored. Researchers make discoveries. These discoveries have an impact in the wider society. Research gives new impulses to education and lays the foundation for a progressive knowledge society.

Research policy and quality enhancement

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How we affect the world

Our students and staff study, research and influence the world from a continuously evolving, scientific perspective within various disciplines. We find ourselves at the very centre of society.

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Our focus