Regional Platforms

The regional platforms offer support, facilities and advice about cooperation with partners in six focus regions.

Six Regional Platforms


Ghent University continues to invest in supporting cooperation with specific geographical regions or countries, which show a growth potential and require an institutional approach.

The regional platforms offer services in the broadest sense to the Ghent University community. They offer support, facilities and advice to Ghent University community to expand existing or set up new forms of cooperation with respect to six focus regions.

  • They bring together all relevant academic and administrative expertise and look for synergies with external know-how.
  • They support the development of new initiatives in mobility and new forms of cooperation.
  • They strive for impact in the region and on the external policy towards this region.
  • Furthermore, the regional platforms promote the expertise and activities of Ghent University toward the region of focus, thus contributing to the international Ghent University brand.

The regional platforms are a policy tool for the faculties and their resp. internationalisation agenda. Each of the faculties is represented in the platform steering group.

What can the Regional Platforms do for you?

  • 'What type of visa do I need in order to go to China?'
  • 'Is University X accredited?'
  • 'Is there any research expertise at Ghent University on mental healthcare in Africa?'
  • 'Is there an agreement with University X. How can I join this agreement?'
  • 'What is the procedure to invite a Visiting Scholar from Russia?'

These are just a few of the many questions in which the regional platforms can deliver support and advice. Here is what the regional platforms can do for you:

Advising on potential partners

  • Informing about potential university partners as well as non-academic partners in the region of focus (such as public bodies, national agencies, NGOs)

Monitoring On-going Cooperation

  • Informing about ongoing cooperations in education and research
  • Informing about existing expertise at Ghent University in/with regard to the region of focus
  • Advising about making cooperation agreements and/or formalizing contacts (e.g. bilateral agreements, joint PhD agreements, etc.)

Screening Funding Possibilities

  • Screening of possibilities for exchange mobility, summer schools, projects
  • Maintaining contacts with external funding organizations

Mobility Support

  • Informing about visa (for incoming and outgoing students & staff)
  • Informing about admission procedures (for students & staff): diploma recognition, diploma authentification, fee waivers, etc.
  • Maintaining contacts with embassies: foreign embassies in Belgium and/or Belgian embassies in partner countries

Organizing Events

  • organizing Ghent University missions
  • organizing visits @Ghent University

Connecting with External Stakeholders

  • Advising cultural, social, economic actors, about the region of focus, as well as public bodies, public media
  • Maintaining contacts with local Ghent University partners with an interest in the region (City of Ghent, Province of East Flanders, Port of Ghent, Chambers of Commerce, ...)
  • Monitoring alumni contacts in the region of focus