Advancing Extraterritorial Human Rights Obligations in Migration (Workshop)

(27-11-2023) Academic researchers and civil society experts exchange ideas on ETHROs and push the development of existing arguments and strategies in a one-day strategizing workshop.

The phenomenon of migration has a unique link with the question of extraterritorial human rights obligations (ETHROs). Increasingly this extraterritoriality has become embedded in the design of legal frameworks as well as migration management and control policies. Some of the most recent examples are the EU-Turkey Statement, the UK-Rwanda Asylum Scheme, Denmark’s legal provisions on transfer and external processing of asylum seekers, the EU-Libya cooperation on search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean or the memorandum of understanding between the EU and Tunesia. The legitimacy of these policies is inextricably intertwined with the issue of States’ extraterritorial obligations for migrants’ and refugees’ human rights.

Strategizing Workshop

On Friday, 12th January 2024, the UGent Migration Law Research Group and the Extraterritorial Human Rights Obligations in Practice Research Network jointly organize a workshop at the Faculty of Law and Criminology at Ghent. 

Researchers and civil experts will examin and discuss various topics during three pannels throughout the day. 

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