Woldegebriel Dagne Admasu


Foto Woldegebriel Dagne

Woldegebriel Dagne Admasu is a doctoral researcher at the Migration Law Research Group, Ghent University. His PhD is funded by the NASCERE Joint Scholarship Program of Ghent University and Jimma University. His research interest inclines towards the analysis of human rights from a private law perspective. He has experience in doctrinal and socio-legal research. His doctoral research focuses on refugee’s right to work based on empirical socio-legal research in Ethiopia. His research is supervised by Prof. Dr. Ellen Desmet, Prof. Dr. Milena Belloni (UAntwerp) and Dr. Fekadu Adugna (Addis Ababa University).

He is also affiliated to the Center for the Social Study of Migration and Refugees (CESSMIR) and the Human Rights Center (HRC) of Ghent University, Network on Migration and Global Mobility (MIGLOBA) of University of Antwerp, and Refugee Law Initiative (RLI) of University of London.

Woldegebriel studied Bachelor of Laws and LLM in Commercial and Investment Law from Jimma University, Ethiopia. Before starting his doctoral research, Woldegebriel worked as a law lecturer at Jimma University and Mettu University.