Maud Martens


Foto Maud MartensMaud Martens (she/her) is a doctoral researcher at the Migration Law Research Group (MIGR) and a member of the interfaculty Centre for the Social Study of Migration and Refugees (CESSMIR). She graduated in Political Sciences at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and in Conflict and Development Studies at Ghent University (UGent). During her studies, she became interested in forced migration and solidarity movements, which is reflected in her theses on the migration-development nexus and humanitarian advocacy in refugee camps. It also resulted in volunteer experiences with persons with a migration background in Brussels, France and Greece. Before starting her doctoral research, Maud worked for Vrede vzw, a peace movement and news site, for two years. 

Maud’s current research project examines how socio-legal support for migrants in transit zones is organized and which implications these support practices have for migrants’ il/legal status. The research is supervised by Prof. dr. Robin Vandevoordt and Prof. dr. Ellen Desmet.