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The Center for the Future of Dispute Resolution assembles a group of researchers around the topic of dispute resolution. Rather than studying dispute resolution ‘as is’, CFDR adopts a forward looking approach: “How will and should dispute resolution evolve under the impulse of a series of social developments?”

Digitalization and out-of-court dispute resolution are two of the main focuses. Consequently, two red threads that consistently run through the various research projects, concern:

  • Human versus Machine: the role, position and added-value of the human decision-maker in light of digitalization.
  • Efficiency versus Legitimacy: the weight given to party-autonomy and concerns of legitimacy as opposed to standards of efficiency

To answer the question of ‘quo vadis dispute resolution?’, CFDR adopts an international, comparative and multi-disciplinary approach. By fostering an interdisciplinary debate and by setting the wheels in motion for a safe and adequate regulatory context, CFDR aims to have an impact on policy making and thus pave the way for an upgraded version of dispute resolution. 

Coordinator of the CFDR is Maud Piers.

Read more about this research collaboration in this short overview.

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