GIPLI is a research institution with a heart for intellectual property law, rooted in Ghent University and open for academic and professional collaboration. We are research, education, services and knowledge sharing.

What we do

At Ghent IP Law Institute (GIPLI), we are all about research, education, services and knowledge sharing in relation to intellectual property (IP) law – undoubtedly one of the most colourful fields of law.

  • GIPLI is a research centre. At its core, we are a team of legal-academic researchers who critically and independently investigate contemporary topics of European and international IP law with high societal value. Read more about our research...
  • GIPLI is university educationWe are responsible for acquainting the newest generations of lawyers with the complexities of present-day IP practice at one of the largest law faculties in the country. We also teach expert legal courses and introductions for non-lawyers at various levels. Read more about our educational tasks...
  • GIPLI is a hub for academic and non-academic collaboration. Starting from a strong believe in cross-border exchanges of expertise and experiences, we are part of a unique worldwide network of IP researchers. We welcome every proposal to join forces in ambitious protects that touch our field of expertise.
  • GIPLI is about knowledge sharing. As a part of Ghent University and the Flemish academic landscape, we believe that it is important to spread our acquired knowledge with the world. Hence why we actively engage in conferences and organise presentations tailored to any audience, from laymen to IP experts.
  • GIPLI is open to professional practioners. We strongly believe in our mission to bridge legal academia with legal practice. For that reason, we actively scout for judges, lawyers and other interested professionals to join our team for topical meetings on recent case law, ongoing research, expected regulatory changes or other contemporary issues, as well as for informal gatherings and to actively participate at our periodically organised open events.

Our structure

Campus Aula

GIPLI was founded in 2024, when Ghent University created a fulltime chair in intellectual property law. As for its role as a research unit within the Faculty of Law and criminology, it remains solidly embedded in the pre-existing collaborative structures. It is an integral part of the overarching Department of Interdisciplinary Study of Law, Private Law and Business Law and works in very close connection with the Financial Law Institute and other research units at the Faculty and beyond.

GIPLI is led by Simon Geiregat and Hendrik Vanhees from the Aula Campus: the precious and quiet site at the heart of the historic city of Ghent that is home to the Faculty of Law and Criminology and its stunning library.