At Ghent University, Ghent IP Law Institute (GIPLI) is responsible for official university courses, introductory classes and ad hoc lectures on intellectual property law.

At GIPLI, a commitment to education is in our DNA. In recent years, the realm of intellectual property (IP) law has evolved into a distinct legal domain with substantial socio-economic implications, warranting a noteworthy position in academic programs.

Taking a pioneering stance in Flanders, the Ghent University Faculty of Law and Criminology made a wise decision to integrate a comprehensive basic IP law course into the mandatory curriculum of the Bachelor of Laws program, starting from the academic year 2016-17.

In addition, the library of the Faculty of Law and Criminology of Ghent University provides our students and researchers with access to a large amount of works in the realm of IP law. Apart from numerous books and e-books, its collection comprises subscriptions to legal databases and journals all over the world.

Our courses

Today, the GIPLI team is responsible for a range of extracurricular introductory classes in IP law, as well as for a number of official courses in and outside of the Law School curricula. These courses include:

Outside of the realm of Ghent University teaching, our team also provides IP lectures on an ad hoc basis.

Library subscriptions

Through the library of the Ghent University Faculty of Law and Criminology, students have access to a great variety of source material, which include some of the main Belgian, European and international legal journals on IP law and more:

For US journals, consult HeinOnline.