Mathilde Brackx


Mathilde Brackx

Mathilde Brackx completed her Law degree at Ghent University in 2021 with the highest distinction. During her education, she studied at Lund University in Sweden for one semester and participated in the Legal Clinic Migration Law, for which she worked on Belgian asylum cases. For her master's thesis, she examined migrant pushbacks in light of international human rights law, more specifically in light of the prohibition of collective expulsions.

Mathilde participated in the Turkey Tribunal in September 2021. From October 2021 to November 2022, she worked as an assistant for the Institute of Private International Law at Ghent University.

In December 2022, Mathilde started as a doctoral researcher under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Jinske Verhellen and Prof. Dr. Yves Haeck.

Research Project

Economic and supply chain globalization have had both positive and negative consequences. These negative consequences include corporate human rights violations and adverse environmental impacts. In recent years, victims of such adverse human rights and environmental impacts have increasingly relied on transnational civil litigation, including before courts in EU countries. This raises the under-researched question of how judgments and settlements resulting from such transnational civil liability cases are enforced across borders and to what extent they provide victims with an effective remedy in practice.

This research aims to answer these questions, through an analysis of the legal framework on cross-border enforcement on the one hand and in-depth case studies into selected transnational corporate civil liability cases on the other.