Joint PhD program

International academic collaboration through Joint PhDs are a spearpoint within ITN Resource!

Through a Joint PhD, graduate researchers:

  • Gain skills from international colleagues helping them to increase the impact of their research
  • Grow their international networks and develop a global perspective
  • Become part of two high-quality research environments

Experience personal growth , by discovering and enjoying other cultures

The institutions

  • IPP (CZ)
  • Częstochowa Uni. of Technology (PL)
  • Copenhagen University (DK)
  • Uni. à degli Studi di Milano (IT)
  • Zagreb Uni. (CR)
  • IRTA (ES)
  • Ineris (FR)
  • ISA (PT)
  • Wageningen Uni. (NL)  
  • EBA (BE)
  • Antwerp Uni (BE)   

Apply for a joint PHD at UGent!

If you are interested in and motivated by Bioresource Recovery in the broad sense you can apply for having a joint PhD at UGent. We will help you to find a supervisor who match with your topic at UGent where you will carry out your research for at least six months

The minimal conditions for applying are:

  • You are enrolled as a PhD in biobased sciences and/or bio-engineering in your home instituion
  • You have experience on biobased value chains related to residues & wastes from agro & food wastes.
  • You have mastered the English language, both orally and in writing skills
  • You have the required communicative skills to interact independently with a broad variety of stakeholders such as the scientific community, business community, farming community…