The network

We aim at making appropriate and effective strategic choices regarding qualitative partnerships. The Partner selection for the Re-Source network was based on their current research/activities on the bioresource recovery field and their will to move towards a circular bioeconmy. The Coordination is based at UGENT but synergies with our partners aim at vigorous exchanging of the existing expertise in a range of topics that have been separated in working groups.

Our international partners

For EU:

  • Częstochowa Uni. Techn (PL)
  • Copenhagen University (DK)
  • Swansea University (UK)
  • Central University of Catalonia (SP)
  • IHE Institute for water education (NL)
  • IRTA (SP)
  • University Milano (IT)
  • Wageningen University (NL)
  • University College Dublin (IR)
  • University of Glasgow (UK)
  • University of Chemistry and Technology (CZ)
  • Institute fur ZukunfsEnergieSysteme (GE)
  • Intitute Bio-Geo Sciences (GE)

For outside EU:

  • China Agricultural University (China)
  • University of Kalyani (India)
  • Korea University (Korea)
  • Hong Kong Polytechnic University (China)
  • National University of Singapore (China)
  • Zhejiang University (China)
  • Universite Laval (Canada)

Associated partners


Visiting researchers

We are happy to cooperate with prominent academics from other institutions. Therefore, we welcome visiting researchers (PhDs, postdocs) to perform research on bioresource recovery topics. The visitor is normally salaried by their home institution, but depending on the topic and thematic match, from UGent we can cover bench fee costs and in some cases (when upgrading the Visiting Researcher into a Joint PhD) also salary costs for the months spent in Ghent.

We have been already collaborating with visiting researchers form the following institutions: 

  • Canterbury Uni. (UK)
  • Shahid Chamran University (Iran)
  • China Agricultural Uni (China)
  • Federal Univerity of Minas Gerais (Brasil)
  • TBW (Austria)
  • WUR (Netherlands)
  • Aarhus University (Denmark)
  • Mersin University (Turkey)