Fauna & Flora

What does a pork tapeworm have to do with epilepsy in humans? Is there anything we can do about the notorious “cats’ disease”? Why won’t we have any more prawns or scampi without Ghent University? And will we soon be sending our dogs to a behavioural therapist? These are just some of the fascinating questions addressed by the diverse range of research into flora and fauna at Ghent University. Moreover, we have at our disposal one of the best faculties of Veterinary Medicine in the world. If there is one place that offers the best help to pets and animals, it is Ghent University. You too can support us by making a donation to one of these projects.

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University Fund of Ghent University
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Do you still have questions about one of the projects above? Or perhaps you haven’t seen a research project here that really speaks to you? Please do get in touch with the University Fund. We would love to hear what you want to achieve with your donation.