The Mama Magda Aquaculture Fund

Foreign students deserve a chance! Alongside the exceptional education offered by Ghent University, the social side of studying is also extremely important. For doctoral students from the Global South , working together with Ghent University can be an incredible opportunity, and can mark the start of a very promising career as a researcher. For this reason, Ghent University is actively committed to this sort of collaboration with foreign universities. It is important that future doctoral students are not hindered by financial and social obstacles, so that they can really get off to a flying start.

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Your donation to the Mama Magda Aquaculture Fund will help finance a 6-month research stay for a foreign student or researcher to come to Ghent and prepare a joint doctorate between Ghent University and a university in the global south. The Mama Magda Fund pays for the cost of travel, accommodation and the bench fee (laboratory costs for the supervisor). 

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We gratefully welcome donations to the Mama Magda Aquaculture Fund – you can also donate via bank transfer to account number: BE26 3900 9658 0329, including the message "Mama Magda Fund" or "BW_720". Your gift is tax deductible starting from €40 per year. Em. prof. dr. Patrick Sorgeloos

“Foreign students also need a listening ear, and good source of support. Often they are far from their families and so have to look elsewhere for friendship and warmth. My wife, Magda, was the perfect example of this, and made she sure that everyone felt at home. Sometimes, with the best intentions, she even ended up being a matchmaker and helped single students find love.” - Prof. Patrick Sorgeloos

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Read how the Mama Magda Aquaculture Fund enabled Mostafa Rakhshaninejad to do some research which will make it possible for us to continue enjoying scampi and shrimp.

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Background information Mevr. Magda Vanhooren

The Ghent University Mama Magda Aquaculture Fund was established by Professor Emeritus Patrick Sorgeloos and Professor Ignace Lemahieu, in memory of Magda Vanhooren who passed away from an illness early in 2010. She had worked enthusiastically since 1978 to promote social integration and all other kinds of support for international students at the Laboratory of Aquaculture & Artemia Reference Center. Magda Vanhooren was the wife of Professor Emeritus Patrick Sorgeloos.


The aim of the fund is to provide financial support for researchers from universities in the global South who spend time at Ghent University to prepare for future enrolment in a doctoral programme, with a view to earning a joint doctorate from Ghent University and their home university.

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