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Administering an injection, sewing a wound, discussing a difficult diagnosis with a patient. These are just a few examples of the many, important and necessary skills that a future doctor must master. That is why the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of Ghent University has a centre where students can learn and practice these practical skills.

Mariëlle De Bom Van DriesscheEvery year there are more medical students. The more students there are, the greater the need for practice and simulation material. In addition, there is a desire to open up the centre in the future to students from other training programmes, or, for example, to doctors who wish to refine their skills.

The Medical Skills Centre - Dr. Guy De Cloedt Fund therefore supports the work of the skills centre. Among other things, this is done by paying for the purchase of materials (e.g. sutures). The fund was set up by the dean of the faculty, Prof. Dr. Piet Hoebeke, the head of educational support, Prof. Dr. Lieven Danneels and Mrs Mariëlle De Bom, partner of the late Dr. Guy De Cloedt. Guy himself was a general practitioner and Ghent University alumnus.

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Your donation to the Medical Skills Centre - Dr. Guy De Cloedt Fund directly contributes to the learning and training of practical skills within the education of medical students.

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Materiaal infuus lesWith a donation of € 100 we can provide the material for a lesson in "venepuncture and infusion" for 24 students. This way, they learn how to correctly use needles for pricking blood or placing an infusion. A donation of € 500 will pay for a chest phantom. And with a donation of € 1.000 we can purchase a phantom to practice gynaecological examination on.

Your donation to the fund is also welcome on the account number BE26 3900 9658 0329, with the mention "skills centre fund" or "De Cloedt fund ". Your donation is tax deductible from € 40 on an annual basis.

As a doctor and UGent Ghent University alumnus, Guy found it very important that his legacy would go to the faculty where he himself graduated. That his legacy now serves to train doctors who will help patients themselves in the future is a beautiful thought. I hope others will be inspired by Guy's example and decide to support the fund with a donation.
- Mrs Mariëlle De Bom Van Driessche, founder of the fund and partner of Dr. Guy De Cloedt

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Background information

Studentenkaarten en foto's Guy De CloedtAt the end of 2020, Dr. Guy De Cloedt passed away. In his will, he left a good amount of money to Ghent University. Due to a debilitating illness, there was no opportunity to agree on the concrete spending of the funds. Guy trusted, however, that Ghent University would arrange this with his surviving partner. And so it happened and it was decided to set up a fund with the resources, to support the education of medical students. In particular, the skills centre of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. Students can come here to learn and train practical skills, such as the sewing of wounds. This was close to the heart of Guy, who was a general practitioner himself and wanted to help future doctors.


The purpose of the fund is to provide financial support for skills education with a focus on the training of medical students. This skill education includes:

  • Simulation education
  • Substantive focus on four skill blocks (communication; clinical technical skills; interprofessional collaboration; and management & practice) and four transversal themes (diversity; ethics and deontology; professional behaviour; lifelong learning).

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