Certificates and Attestations

For students

You can download all certificates on Oasis

Certificate of enrolment

You will need to hand in a certificate of enrolment when registering at the Foreign Office of the city/village where you live.

You can use the certificate of enrolment whenever you have to prove that you are enrolled at Ghent University.

Attestation for NMBS

For using trains in Belgium.

Attestation of insurance

For outgoing exchange students.

Graduation certificate

If you have graduated but you have not yet received your diploma, you can download a graduation certificate.

The certificate includes information about your graduation, such as the graduation date and the degree awarded.

Authenticity code

Each certificate or attestation has an authenticity code.

This code replaces a stamp and is used to verify the certificate by entering this code on the webpage mentioned on the certificate.

How many prints?

You can print as many certificates as required.

For alumni

Certificate of enrolment

You can receive a certificate of enrolment for each academic year that you were enrolled at Ghent University.

Send an online request.

Graduation certificate

If you do not need a duplicate of your diploma, you can obtain a graduation certificate free of charge.

Send an online request.

Transcript of records

The transcript of records is issued by the Faculty Student Administration.

Credit certificate

The credit certificate is issued by the Faculty Student Administration.


If you graduated from HoGent/HoWest before 2013-2014 and you need a certificate for a programme which is now integrated into Ghent University, you need to contact the Registrar's Office of Ghent University.

Send an online request.