Student Card and Certificates of Enrolment

We are open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 to 12 am.
You can find us at the roundabout on the ground floor of Campus Ufo.
You can also contact us at (for student card or campus card) or (for certificate of enrolment)

Student cardStudentenkaart

Who gets a student card?

After your enrolment has been processed and when UGent has your digital picture you will receive a student card.

Digital pictures are taken in the Registrar's Office or read from your Belgian residence or ID-card. 

Why do you need a student card?

Being a holder of a student card means that you can identify yourself as a student.

You need the card when taking exams, during educational activities - when asked, for student rate at the university student restaurants or access to UGent sports facilities.

There is no study programme mentioned on the card.

If the student card is not accepted to obtain a student discount eg. in a museum you can submit a recent certificate of enrolment (see below).

How long is a student card valid?

The student card has a maximum validity of 6 years.

When you re-enrol you will not receive a new card until the card has expired. When the cards expires you will receive a new one by mail on your correspondence address which you can check in Oasis.

What to do when you have lost your student card?

Lost and found student cards are often returned to the Registrar's Office.

If your card has been returned you will receive an e-mail on your UGent e-mail address with instructions of where and how to collect the card. 

If your card has not been returned and you have not received an e-mail you will personally need to go to the Registrar's Office or contact

Campus cardCampuskaart

Who gets a campus card?

Upon enrolment in a study programme mainly taught at 'Campus Schoonmeersen' or 'Campus Mercator' you receive a student card and a complementary campus card.

What to do when you have lost your campus card?

Go to the Registrar's Office or contact

Certificate of enrolment

If you need a certificate of enrolment to obtain a season pass for the train you will be able to print off a certificate of enrolment on Oasis.

You need to login and a personalised certificate will be generated in pdf.

You will need to attach the certificate to the form C42, which you request from NMBS.

You can select certificates in Dutch and English and you can print these as often as required.

One of the certificates you will need to hand in when registering at the Foreign Office of the city/village where you live.

For a bus/tram (De Lijn) pass no certificate is required. Everyone under the age of 25 can buy a Buzzy Pazz if you are 25 or older you can buy an Omnipas.