Refund of tuition fees

You can stop your studies online at Oasis
A reimbursement of the tuition fee depends on the type of contract, the programme and the stopping date

Bachelor, Linking and Preparatory Programme, Master Programme (not advanced) and Master's programme in Teaching

  • if you terminate your contract before the start of the academic year: the total tuition fee will be refunded
  • From the academic year 2020-2021 on: if you enrol between the start of the academic year and before 1st March: the full tuition fee, including the fixed amount, will be refunded if you terminate within 14 days after enrolment.

  • if you terminate your contract before 1 December: the tuition fee is refunded, except for the fixed amount
  • if you terminate your contract from 1 December and before 15 March: you cannot get a refund for course units that belong to your first semester curriculum, one year-course units or integration course units – you can, however, get a refund for the course units that belong to the second semester curriculum. The fixed amount is not refunded.
  • if you terminate your contract from 15 March : the full tuition fee must be paid and there is no refund.

Advanced Master Programme and Postgraduate Programme

From the academic year 2018-2019 on, a reimbursement as for the initial programmes mentioned above, is possible.

A reimbursement of the 'surplus amount for the programme' is only possible upon agreement with the programme coördinator.

    Permanent Training Programme

    A reimbursement is not possible (unless the faculty decides to allow a reduction in specific cases)

    The fixed amount has to be paid in all cases


    If you terminate your contract within four months following the date of enrolment, you can have a reimbursement except for the fixed amount.


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