Stopping your studies

Stopping your studies = final termination of diploma or credit contract

Perhaps you need some time for other things or you want to be able to make new choices at your own pace.

Then you can choose to stop your studies and not start immediately in another program.

When you stop, you end your contract. You may no longer participate in classes and exams, including those of the 2nd term examination period.

Do not stop hastily and discuss it with others first. Inform yourself well about the consequences of quitting for study progress, growth package, scholarship, etc., among other things. 

Do you still want to participate in certain classes or exams?

Then do not stop your contract. Contact the Faculty Student Administration (FSA) of your program and ask whether you may delete or stop courses from your curriculum.

Deleting or dropping courses from your curriculum is not stopping, but a change to your curriculum (in Dutch only). Different deadlines and rules apply.

Exception: Students who start in a bachelor program must always take all course units of the 1st model track year (BA1). You cannot have courses removed in this case unless you meet an exception for this (see OER - Article 30, § 4).

Do you want to enrol in another program?

If so, different conditions and consequences apply. See changing programs or majors (in Dutch only) for all information about reorienting within UGent or to another educational institution.

Stopping doctorate

Different rules apply to the PhD when discontinuing: see Application and enrolment for or discontinuing a doctorate (Ph.D.)


Tuition fee

Depending on when you discontinue a program, you may be refunded some of your tuition fee.

See Refund of Tuition Fees

Note: If you want to stop your studies at UGent and register in the same academic year for a diploma contract or a credit contract at University College Ghent, University College West Flanders or Artevelde University College Ghent (graduate schools of Ghent University Association (AUGent)) mention this as a reason/motivation for stopping your studies. You will then receive an 'attestation of stopping your studies with the eye on reorientation'. With this document you no longer have to pay the fixed amount at the graduate schools of Ghent University Association.

You will receive an e-mail with this attestation. This may take a few days. If necessary, you can already register at the new institution and send in the reorientation certificate afterwards, so that the tuition fee will still be adjusted after registration.

This document is not valuable after the 2nd-term educational activities or 2nd-term examination period.

Study progress monitoring and learning account

Have you achieved less than 20% study progress at the time of stopping? Then you will no longer be able to enrol in the same program at UGent. Your enrolment request will be refused.

Growth package (child benefits) and scholarship

Stopping may affect your growth package (child benefits) and scholarship.

Contact Social Services to find out the impact on your specific situation.

Working as student employee

If you stop your studies, you may no longer work as a student employee. However, if you do not plan to return to study soon, you can register with the VDAB as a school leaver.

Your UGent account

When you stop your studies, you lose your UGent account, but you retain access to Oasis for the entire coming academic year. So, among other things, you can still view exam results and download mark sheets.

Your student room

Do you rent a room in a UGent student residence? Then your rental agreement will also be terminated when you stop your studies. More info about ending a rental agreement.

Do you rent a room elsewhere? Be sure to check the conditions in your rental contract.

Stopping your studies after March 14

Do not terminate your studies!

Stopping your studies after Marc 14 only has negative consequences (child benefits, scholarship, tuition fee, study progress monitoring, ... ). 

Do notify your examination office if you will not take examinations (= not the same as stopping your studies).

Even if you will not re-enrol for the next academic year you do not have to stop your studies.

Your enrolment at UGent will stop automatically on the last day of this academic year.

There is 1 exception: if you want to register at the VDAB as 'school leaver': then you do have to stop.

Please note that if you unsubscribe/stop after March 14, you cannot do so through Oasis, but you will need to come in with your student card or identity card.

How do I stop my studies

You can stop your studies online in Oasis (or go to the Registrar's Office in person).

Online via Oasis

  • Go to Oasis
  • Choose 'Stop' in the left column
  • Your current contracts are listed
  • Select the contract that you wish to stop and follow the instructions
  • You will receive an email confirming the termination of your contract
  • Destroy your student card (if you have no other enrolments at UGent)

In person at the Registrar's Office

  • Go to the Registrar's Office 
  • You will have to fill in and sign a form
  • Hand in your student card and certificates of enrolment (if you have unused certificates) if you have no other enrolments at UGent


Do you have doubts about stopping, transferring to another course, ... ? A conversation can help you sort things out:

Administrative or practical questions: