Stopping your studies

Stopping your studies = final termination of your contract

When you stop your studies you terminate your contract.

This means that you can no longer attend classes or take examinations (including 2nd term examination period).

Notify the examination office at your Faculty Student Administration (FSA) if you will not take examinations.

However if you do want to attend classes and take examinations you may not terminate your contract.

In this case you contact your Faculty Student Administration to cancel courses in your curriculum.

Cancelling courses in your curriculum is not the same as stopping your studies but is changing your curriculum. For this procedure there are other deadlines and rules!

Terminating your contract does not mean that you do not need to pay the tuition fee. Not paying does not mean that your contract is automatically terminated. If you have not paid, or you have only paid a part of the tuition fee charged upon enrolment UGent will continue to claim the outstanding amount after you have terminated your contract.

How do I stop my studies

You can stop your studies online in Oasis (or go to the Registrar's Office in person).

Online via Oasis

  • Go to Oasis
  • Choose 'Stop' in the left column
  • Your current contracts are listed
  • Select the contract that you wish to stop and follow the instructions
  • You will receive an email confirming the termination of your contract
  • Destroy your student card (if you have no other enrolments at UGent)

In person at the Registrar's Office

  • Go to the Registrar's Office 
  • You will have to fill in and sign a form
  • Hand in your student card and certificates of enrolment (if you have unused certificates) if you have no other enrolments at UGent

Stopping your studies after 2nd-term educational activities or 2nd-term examination period

Do not terminate your studies!

Stopping your studies at the end of the academic year only has negative consequences (child benefits, scholarship, tuition fee, study progress monitoring, ... ). There is 1 exception: if you want to register at the VDAB as 'school leaver'.

Do notify your examination office if you will not take examinations (= not the same as stopping your studies).

Even if you will not re-enrol for the next academic year you do not have to stop your studies. Your enrolment at UGent will stop automatically on the last day of this academic year.

Stopping at UGent and registering at a graduate school of AUGent in the same academic year

If you want to stop your studies at UGent and register in the same academic year for a diploma contract or a credit contract at University College Ghent, University College West Flanders or Artevelde University College Ghent (graduate schools of Ghent University Association (AUGent)) mention this as a reason/motivation for stopping your studies.

A few days after stopping your studies you will receive an e-mail with an 'attestation of stopping your studies with the eye on reorientation'. If you go to the Registrar's Office ask for this document.

With this 'attestation of stopping your studies with the eye on reorientation' you will not have to pay the fixed amount of tuition fee at the graduate schools of Ghent University Association. This document is not valuable after the 2nd-term educational activities or 2nd-term examination period.

Refund of Tuition Fees

See Refund of Tuition Fees

Stopping your studies and your learning account

More info about learning account.

See Leerkrediet en beëindigen van je contract and Leerkrediet en heroriënteren (information in Dutch).

Stopping your studies and study progress monitoring

See Study Progress Monitoring and article 24 Education and Examination Code.

Stopping your studies and statute of student

If you consider terminating your contract bear in mind that you lose the statute of student at certain organisations (scholarship, health insurance, community...)

Contact the Social Service for more information.

Stopping your doctorate (Ph.D.)

See Application and enrolment for or discontinuing a doctorate (Ph.D.)


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