Lecture recordings

The lecturer normally publishes lecture recordings in the Ufora course. This is usually done by the next working day (unless processing and editing takes longer than expected).

On, you will also find a catalogue of lecture recordings that you can access (determined via the Opencast Planner by the lecturers). This catalog can only be consulted with a UGent account.

Live streaming

The lecturer normally communicates the livestream channels via the Ufora course.

On, you will also find an overview of the livestream channels that you can access (determined via the Opencast Planner by the lecturers).



MS Teams

Barco WeConnect

In advance

Install the MirrorOp application (from Barco) to be able to share your screen to the group's screen or the teacher's projection screen.

In the collaboration room

  1. Make sure you have Internet access via Eduroam.
  2. Start MirrorOp and give this program (if prompted) access to bluetooth and the microphone.
  3. Enter hostname and password (both will be displayed on your group's student screen) and press the play button.