Kimono today

This page is part of our exhibition archive. The exhibition took place from 17-08-2023 to 23-09-2023

KimonoThe kimono (literally “things you wear”), is seen today as a symbol of Japanese tradition as well as national and cultural identity. While the kimono is less visible in everyday life than in the 20th century, it still is a garment present in all aspects of daily life in Japan: worn at home, at work, at street festivals and at ceremonial occasions and at the moment we witness a revival in street fashion.

This side of the kimono, however, is hardly shown in exhibitions, which often focus on the flamboyant, on the extravaganza of expensive and exclusive kimono worn for special occasions. By showing a selection of kimono from the Ruth Jäschke Private Collection, we will introduce you to kimono in all of its varieties and its relevance in contemporary Japan. Interviews with Japanese exchange students and a kimono master, as well as photos taken by students from Ghent during their stay in Kanazawa additionally provide a more intimate account of the lived kimono experience and add new layers of meaning.

Come to the Vandenhove Pavilion to feel and experience the kimono.

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