SERIES : / x

This page is part of our exhibition archive. The exhibition took place from 13-10-2023 to 10-11-2023.

SERIESImages and artworks can interact and form wholes in many ways. When they form sequences through the repetition of a motif, or their identical format, or as parts of a whole, the images and elements become closely interconnected. A series activates and transforms the edges, frames, and spaces between the images. The doubling or mirroring, multiplication or division of the image has a strong visual impact and creates meaning beyond the individual image. The series compels us to look synthetically.

The exhibition SERIES : / x 1 showcases series from the collections of Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, VANDENHOVE, and private collectors. Curators: Michiel Van Damme & Bart Verschaffel. Featuring works by Bernd & Hilla Becher, Christian Boltanski, Franck Bragigand, Gérard Titus-Carmel, Jo Delahaut, Sol LeWitt, Giulio Paolini, Perry Roberts, Albert Servaes, Bosco Sodi, Jan van den Abbeel, Andy Warhol, Marthe Wéry.

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