Elektronica, Fotonica en ICT

De Universiteit Gent zoekt partners en licentienemers in het domein van elektronica, fotonica en ICT.

All-Optical neuromorphic computing circuits for cell sorting and ultrafast BITstream processing
Photonic reservoir, Silicon Photonics, optical neural systems, neuromorphic computing

Method for fast hardware specialization at run-time
Trefwoorden: FPGA, cost-efficient implementation, automatic run-time reconfiguration

A Counter Architecture for Online Estimation of DVFS Profitability
Trefwoorden: Processor, energy, consumption, performance, counter architecture, dynamic voltage and frequency scaling, DVFS

Method and Device for Coded Modulation
Trefwoorden: LDPC codes, precoding, mapping, labelling, fading channels, MIMO, diversity

Optofluidic chip with sheet illumination for high-contrast imaging of fluid borne micro- and nano-objects
Trefwoorden: optofluidic, chip, sheet illumination, nanoparticle, micrometer, characterization, fluorescence, scattered light, waveguide

Self-calibrated concentration measurements of nanoparticles in solution by single particle imaging
Trefwoorden: single particle tracking, nanoparticles, self-calibration

Photonic bio-sensors integrated in reaction tubes
Trefwoorden: Silicon nanophotonic sensors, photonic microring resonators, Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI), reaction tubes, biochip, bio-sensor, bio-assay

    Photonics and Electronics