Energie, Cleantech en Materialen

UGent biedt technologie voor diverse toepassingen in het domein van energie, cleantech en materialen.

Use of a standard six-pack power electronic convertor for switched reluctance machines
Switched Reluctance Electrical Machine (SRM), Power electronics (PE), H-bridge, Six-pack power electronics

Techniques to improve the performance of axial flux generators
Axial flux permanent magnet generators, low cogging torque, high efficiency

Valveless expander with variable volume ratio based on a free piston.
Expander, variable volume ratio, compressor, single piston, linear generator, rotary valve, waste heat recovery, Organic Rankine Cycle. 

Mixture of cement and polymer-treated clay for durable cut-off walls
Clay, hydraulic barrier, environmental, waste, pollution, long-term efficiency, cut-off wall

Understanding the dynamic response of windshields and architectural glazing
Windshields, architectural glazing, safety, glass components

Thermoplastic nanofibers improve the mechanical performance of composites
Thermoplastic, nanofibers, composites, electrospinning

Online accurate system to determine the void fraction of a two-phase fluid system
Void fraction, two phase system, refrigerant, cooling, heating

HYPER clay, a clay barrier with superior sealing properties
Clay, hydraulic barrier, environmental, waste, pollution, long-term efficiency

Power-take-off for wave energy converters based on an electromechanical power sharing transmission
Wave energy convertor, WEC, PTO, EVT

Automatic connection valve between formwork and concrete pumping pipes
Concrete, self-compacting concrete, casting, construction, formwork, pumping, valve

    Cleantech and energy