Medisch, Farma en Gezondheid

Bekijk ons technologie-aanbod op medisch en farmaceutisch gebied.

SARS-COV-2 Neutralizing monoclonal antibodies and therapeutic application thereof

SARS-CoV-2, monoclonal antibody,  therapy

Iuventa Biologicals: Age-Reversal as a Gamechanger in Ophthalmologic Diseases

Therapeutics, ophthalmology, diabetic retinopathy, AMD, cataract

Exoligamentz: a new type of glove for athlete finger and hand protection
Sports glove, hands, fingers, injury, prevention, textile, industrial testing

Inhibition of a long non-coding RNA as a novel therapy for Neuroblastoma
Neuroblastoma, Antisense therapy, long non-coding RNA

Repurposing of cationic amphiphilic drugs as nanoparticle adjuvants for cellular delivery of RNA therapeutics
Nanomedicines, RNA therapeutics, cationic amphiphilic drugs, endosomal escape, intracellular delivery

Lung surfactant inspired proteolipid nanocomposites for sirna inhalation therapy
Nanomedicines, lung surfactant, inhalation therapy, RNA therapeutics, surfactant protein B

Recombinant extracellular vesicles (R-EV) as a reference material for biofluid processing and instrument calibration
Exosomes, extracellular vesicles, cancer diagnosis, liquid biopsies 

Method and system for Raman-based characterization of single extracellular vesicles
Exosomes, Extracellular vesicles, cancer diagnosis, liquid biopsies, single EV characterization, Raman spectroscopy

Biogelator: Peptide-based hydrogels for controlled drug-delivery
Peptide hydrogels, Controlled-drug delivery, Biomedical applications

ELISA for diagnosis of infections with Chlamydia suis
ELISA, Chlamydia suis, pigs

New click reagents for tyrosine and lipid bioconjugation
Click chemistry, Bioconjugation, Biorthogonal reactions, Cross-linking 

Trapping ligand-protein interactions at the cell-surface
Crosslinking, GPCRs, cell-surface proteins, furan, orphan peptide

Using furan technology to study protein-protein interactions
Cross-linking, furan peptides, protein-protein interactions, target identification

Plasma dye coating: a new and widely applicable method to colour or create sensing materials
Sensors, dyeing, plasma surface treatment, post-fabrication method, polymeric material, analyte-sensitive dyes 

    Medical and Pharma

    Disruption or alteration of microbiological films
    Biofilms, infections, antimicrobial resistance, antibiotics, disinfectants,  laser treatment, gold nanoparticles, nanomedicine, vapor nanobubbles

    Cell-interactive polyesters intended for medical applications
    Vascular grafts, haemocompatibility, cell-interactive properties, PET, ePTFE

    Pelofen, a novel peloruside analogue with microtubule stabilizing activity, enabling the treatment of resistant cancers
    Peloruside, broad spectrum anticancer drug, resistant cancer, oncology, chemotherapy

    Biomarkers for early detection of acute kidney injury
    Biomarker, diagnosis, prognosis, sepsis, acute kidney injury (AKI), CHI3L1

    Use of connexin inhibitors for improved cryopreservation of cells and tissues 
    Cryopreservation, freezing, vitrification, cold storage

    Diagnostics and Therapeutics of Quorum Sensing Molecules in muscle wasting
    Quorum sensing, muscle wasting, myopathy, cancer, cachexia, sarcopenia, diagnostic, therapeutic, probiotic

      Hydrogel precursors opening unprecedented processing avenues in the biomedical field
      Urethane-based hydrogel precursors

      Novel controlled-release system for intra-vaginal delivery 
      Controlled release, delivery, vaginal, infection, sexually transmitted disease, lactic acid

      Novel prognostic test for breast cancer patients 
      Breast cancer, diagnostic, prognosis, personalized medicine


        Novel Th1-polarizing Alfa-Galcer analogs useful as adjuvant or adjuvant therapy 
        Alfa-galcer analogs, adjuvant

        Predictive diagnostic marker to differentiate Spondyloarthropathy (SpA) from Rheumatoid Arthritis
        Spondyloarthropathy, Rheumatoid Arthritis

        Tunable PAOX-based nanoformulations
        Fullerene, nanoformulation, biocompatible polymers, ROS-induced diseases, antioxidant, photosensitizer, UV-protection, poly(2-oxazoline)s