IPBO (International Plant Biotechnology Outreach)

Fundamental and applied science drive the development of technologies for the benefit of society and the environment. Modern plant biotechnology holds the potential for more sustainable agricultural practices that are required to feed the growing world population with a lower impact on the changing environment. However, converting this promise into practice in less developed countries requires a concerted effort in training and in access to the latest technological developments.

The mission of IPBO is threefold:

  • informing the public about the sustainability of biotechnology,
  • training and educating students from developing countries to empower local biotech capacities,
  • international networking for R&D in plant biotechnology.

IPBO contributes to sustainable agricultural and agro-industrial development in low- and middle-income economies by promoting awareness and ensuring capacity building through transfer of current knowledge of and enabling technologies in plant science and by assisting in the design of effective biosafety regulations and intellectual property rights. IPBO promotes and assists innovative research oriented to the needs of developing nations.

More information about this institute can be found on the IPBO website.