Services and Infrastructure

Based on its experience in the field of geomaterials, MinPet applies its infrastrastructure and knowledge to offer services for the public and other academic groups.


Prices and conditions

For more information, orders or quotations, contact or .

Orders should be sent by e-mail, or surface mail.

After receipt of your order, you will receive a price quotation.

Invoicing is done after delivery. Practical information on payment and bank details will be communicated then.


Microscopy laboratory

  • Nikon Eclipse Ni-E motorised microscope - Nikon DS-Ri2 camera
  • Nikon Eclipse Lv100 Pol polarisation microscope - Nikon DS-Fi3 camera
  • Olympus BH-2 polarisation microscope - ToupCam 5 MP camera
  • Leica MZ16 FA stereo zoom microscope - ToupCam 5 MP camera

Mineralogic and geochemical laboratory

  • Varian 720-ES ICP-OES
  • Bruker D8 ADVANCE Eco XRD
  • Olympus DELTA Professional XRF Analyzer (handheld and mounted)