About Us

  The Separation Science Group is studying the underlying phenomena controlling physical separation in chromatography, electrophoresis, filtration and mass spectroscopy.

SSG is well equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation in the field of separation science and mass spectrometry and is looking forward to collaborate with researchers and industry on various issues.

Students and postdocs who have graduated in the last few years now have full-time positions at AmatsiSEPS (BE), OmniChem (BE), Centexbel (BE), Pfizer (UK), Janssen Pharmaceutica (Johnson&Johnson) (BE), Alcon Couvreur (BE), Dow Terneuzen (NL), PVS chemicals (BE), Research Institute for Chromatography (BE), IRTA (SP), INERIS (FR) etc.

Our research interests are:

    • Innovative column technology (e.g. synthetic diamond based columns, micro-pillar array technology)
    • The development of entirely new separation systems (e.g. comprehensive setups such as LCxLC, GCxGC, LCxSFC, ect.)
    • The quest for ever higher separation efficiencies in less time
    • Green chromatography
    • High recovery sample preparation approaches
    • Improved preparative analysis
    • Improving sensitivity and linear range limits of quantitative approaches 
    • Ever better hyphenation with spectroscopic techniques are important core issues in separation science

These research interests range from the macroscopic industrially scalable separation processes down to study of the zepto- and yoctomole levels for single molecule analysis.

The more applied research components involve high-end applications of existing technology to address core issues in life sciences, pharmaceutical, fine organic and polymer chemistry industry sectors. This involves, for example, the clever exploitation of the latest development in (in-house and commercial) separation technology for more efficient bio- and other markers discovery. Modeling of biological and other behavior via combination of retention and in-silico data, improved study of molecular interactions, study of plant/insect communications, etc.