In the list below you can find the topics of finished Phd projects. Listed chronologically, newest first.

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  • Chemical characterization of European lacquer : new perspectives
    Louise Decq (2021)
  • Temperature responsive liquid chromatography : implementing smart polymeric materials into a green separation mode
    Mathijs Baert (2021)
  • Development of new chiral stationary phases for high performance liquid chromatography & its synchronous use for POPLC applications
    Ravindra Hegade (2021)
  • Novel chromatographic and mass spectrometric approaches for quantitation of cyclic nucleotides in biological matrices
    Thomas Van Damme (2018)
  • Analytical strategies to study the migration of selected chemical contaminants into dry foodstuffs
    Kathy Van Den Houwe (2017)
  • Hyphenating chromatographic, electrophoretic and on‐line immobilized enzymatic strategies for improved oligonucleotide analysis
    Piotr Alvarez Porebski (2016)
  • Extending the possibilities of biopartitioning chromatography for improved prediction of in vivo drug absorption
    Mike De Vrieze (2016)
  • Improving the performance of contemporary packed and open-tubular capillary electrochromatography
    Seppe De Smet (2016)
  • Development of gradient stationary phase optimized selectivity approaches for improved method development in high performance liquid chromatography
    Maarten De Beer (2015)
  • Kinetic-performance and selectivity optimization in supercritical fluid chromatography
    Sander Delahaye (2015)
  • Supercritical fluid chromatography and enhanced fluidity liquid chromatography: green alternatives to conventional liquid chromatography
    Engdawork Admasu Engda (2014)
  • Development of metabolic analytical platforms for the characterization of uremic retention compounds
    Jente Boelaert (2014)
  • On-line post-column reactions for the analysis of enzyme inhibitors and antioxidants
    Bram Miserez (2012)
  • Ordered mesoporous silica materials in liquid chromatography: synthesis and application
    Matthias Ide (2012)
  • Development of analytical techniques for tracing pollutants and contaminants in indoor air and domestic tools
    Nathalie De Coensel (2011)
  • Generating High Peak Capacities in Fluid-Based SeparationTechniques.
    Isabelle François (2009)
  • Development of multi-residue and selective methods for the ultra-sensitive determination of endocrine disrupting chemicals in aqueous samples
    Els Van Hoeck (2009)
  • Development of novel techniques based on sorptive extraction for the analysis of combustion gases
    Koen Desmet (2005)
  • Determination of phthalates in environmental, food and biomatrices: an analytical challenge
    Bart Tienpont (2004)
  • LC and CE hyphenated to MS for the analysis of natural products, pharmaceuticals, polymers and peptides
    Gerd Vanhoenacker (2004)