Reactive Sputter Deposition Conference

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The International Symposium on Reactive Sputter Deposition was established in Ghent in the year 2000. It provided a platform among leading international scientists, engineers and students for discussing recent achievements in reactive sputter deposition and thin films.

The Symposium has developed to an annual tradition, steadily growing without loosing its focus on reactive sputtering and its fundamental aspects. The symposium covers the production and use of coatings, from basic research to devices and new applications.

The past years the RSD symposium was organized by Belgian, Dutch, Austrian, British, Swedish, Czech and French research groups and was held in Ghent (BEL), Delft (NL), Leoben (AUT) , Manchester (UK), Linköping (SWE), Plzeň (CZ), Paris (FR), Braunschweig (GER).

RSD2021 (planned in Leipzig (GER)) was cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic. To avoid a cancellation due to increasing number of infections in winter, the organizing committee has decided to organize RSD2022 as an on-line event. You can find more information below.

Important dates

The RSD2022 conference will be an on-line event and take place between December 7th and December 9th, 2022.

Abstract submission closes by November 28th, 2022 at 5pm (CET). You will be timely informed about its acceptance. The scientific content and the date of submission will be used as the two criteria to select the abstract for an oral or poster contribution.

Invited speakers

The conference will consist of three half-day sessions (subject to change depending on the number of received abstracts). For each session one expert in the field will present his latest results:

Tetsuhide Shimizu (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan)

Benefit of monitoring discharge current waveforms in reactive HiPIMS: Tailoring of film chemistry under constant reactive gas flow 

Logo of the Metropolitan University of TokyoPicture of Tetsuhide Shimizu, invited speaker RSD2022

Eric Chason (Brown University, USA)

A kinetic model of residual stress in thin films: effect of processing conditions and microstructural evolution

Logo of Brown UniversityPicture of Eric Chason, invited speaker for RSD2022

Volker Linβ (Von Ardenne, Germany)

Large area reactive magnetron sputtering using rotatable targets

Logo of Von Ardenne Picture of Volker Linss, invited speaker RSD2022


The RSD2022 meeting will consists of three half-day sessions. This allows sufficient flexibility for the attendees to schedule their agendas. It offers also the possibility to eventually organize an extra session and/or a poster session.

The final program can be downloaded here (Document : PDF file approx. 4Mb).


Registration is closed. If you wish to attend you can send a mail to This however doesn't guarantee your registration.