About research group DRAFT

DRAFT is a research team at Ghent University. More information about this fantastic university.

The DRAFT research team consists of the following people.

Current members

Picture of Diederik Depla

Picture of Roger De Gryse

Diederik Depla

Head of the research group

Roger De Gryse

Founder of the research group


Picture of Roeland Schelfhout

Photograph of Josja Van Bever

Roeland Schelfhout

PhD student

Experimental study

on reactive magnetron sputtering

Josja Van Bever

PhD student

Modelling reactive

magnetron sputtering

Andreas Debrabandere

Farzaneh Ahangarani

Andreas Debrabandere

PhD student

Nucleation processes

during magnetron sputtering

Farzaneh Ahangarani

Phd student

Thin film deposition

on biochar

Former members


Picture of Johan Haemers

Johan Haemers


Picture of Stijn Mahieu Picture of Wouter Leroy Picture of Francis Boydens Picture of Isabella Schramm Picture of Koen Strijckmans
Stijn Mahieu Wouter Leroy Francis Boydens Isabella Schramm Koen Strijckmans

PhD students

Picture of Pieter Ghekiere Picture of Koen Van Aeken Picture of Marta Saraiva Picture of Jerika Lamas Picture of Bert Braeckman
Pieter Ghekiere Koen Van Aeken Marta Saraiva Jerika Lamas Bert Braeckman
Picture of Sigelinde Vansteenberge Picture of Jinjao Xia Picture of Filip Moens Picture of Florian Cougnon Picture of Oleh Kozynets
Sigelinde Van Steenberge Jinjao Xia Filip Moens Florian Cougnon Oleh Kozynets
Picture of Robin Dedoncker Picture of Dulmaa Altangerel
Robin Dedoncker Dulmaa Altangerel

Master students