SiMTra (version 2.2.) is a binary collision Monte Carlo program that simulates the transport of sputtered atoms through the gas phase. The user is able to mimic his own experimental setup. The code provides not only the deposition profile, but also properties of the deposited atoms such as energy and direction.

To learn more about SiMTRA, you can download the manual (PDF, 1.3 Mb) and/or the 14 days trial version (zip file, 5.3 Mb).

Please refer to one of the following papers when using the software.

  1. The metal flux from a rotating cylindrical magnetron : a Monte Carlo simulation
    K. Van Aeken, S. Mahieu, D. Depla
    Journal of Physics D.: Applied Physics 41 (2008) 20530
  2. Magnetron sputter deposition as visualized by Monte Carlo modeling
    D. Depla, W.P. Leroy
    Thin Solid films 520 (2012) 6337

Acknowledgments : Koen Van Aeken (code development), and Francis Boydens (graphical interface).


This packages models the reactive sputtering process of a single sputtering target in (pulsed) DC mode with one reactive gas added. Two solution methods are available: a time dependent and a steady state solution. Both target and substrate can be described in a spatial and/or time resolved way by defining appropriate deposition (SiMTRA) and current profiles. The substrate condition is described in a similar way as by the original Berg model  (see Thin Solid Films 476 (2005) 215].  Several target processes are accounted for : chemisorption of reactive gas molecules on the target, reactive ion and knock on implantation, and finally the deposition of sputtered material back on the target.

To learn more about RSD, you can download the manual (PDF, 1.3 Mb) and/or the 14 days trial version (zip file, 10 Mb).

Please refer to following paper when using the software.

  1. A time-dependent model for reactive sputter deposition
    K Strijckmans and D Depla
    Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics (2014) 47 235302

Acknowledgments : Diederik Depla (first versions 2007, 2009), Koen Strijckmans (current version)

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