Pore-Scale Processes in Geomaterials Research group (PProGRess)

The Pore-Scale Processes in Geomaterials Research group (PProGRess-Department of Geology, Ghent University, headed by prof. V. Cnudde) is involved in investigations of both consolidated and unconsolidated sediments. In general, rocks are sensitive to weathering and deterioration and undergo internal changes through complex chemo-mechanical interactions. A key research topic within the group is to visualize, quantify and understand spatial reorganization processes occurring at the (sub)micron scale inside geomaterials. Our expertise encompasses conventional research techniques including grain size analysis, SEM-measurements, optical microscopy, as well as non-destructive investigations of rock characteristics by means of high resolution X-ray computed tomography. High resolution X-ray computed tomography enables quantification of both time and space dependent processes such as: fluid flow, carbonation, dissolution, crystallization,... at a pore scale level.

Some of the research projects are explained in more detail below and on the research group website.