Using our facility


Our CT scanners can scan samples with a total size around mm or cm scale. This will allow you to investigate your sample both in- and outside. Note that because CT is a non-destructive technique, you will not need to cut open or otherwise damage your sample to investigate the inside.


Do you want to scan at our facility?

  1. Contact us with your inquiry at . We will discuss the best way forward for your research and sample.
  2. Bring the sample to the scanner best suited for it (as discussed with us). This will be campus Proeftuin or Coupure of the UGent.
  3. We will perform the CT scan or assist you with the scanning
  4. We will reconstruct your data. The result is a 3D representation of your sample.
  5. We will perform data analysis if/as discussed when you contacted us.

Further questions

You can take a look at our frequently asked questions or contact us at .