Advanced Imaging Setups and Peripheral Equipment

UGCT offers synchroton class imaging lab-setups and peripheral equipment for in-situ experiments

Advanced imaging setups

At UGCT we continuously work to develop new experimental setup and bring setups previously only possible at the synchrotron to the lab. These include:

  • Grating-based interferometry setup for low and high energies

  • Photon counting and hyperspectral detectors

Peripheral equipment

UGCT and its associated research groups have a wide range of different peripheral equipment that can be mounted on our CT scanners to perform in situ experiments. These include:

  • Deben CT 5000 stage for uniaxial and tensile tests

  • Stages with temperature control

  • Single and multiphase fluid flow setups

  • Tri-axial compression stage

  • GenRH chamber with controlled humidity