Industrial Advisory Board (IAB)

Industrial Advisory Board (IAB)The valorization perspectives of this project can be divided into two categories of envisaged sectors

  1. Technology developers and service providers in the field of X-ray CT imaging. Both imaging of dynamic processes at high resolution (improved temporal performance) and sub-resolution detail detectability using gratings (improved spatial performance) have recently gained a very large interest. The toolset that will result from this project will improve both temporal and spatial X-ray CT performance. Grating-based applications are at the forefront of high spatial performance, but were hitherto mostly developed on academic level at large synchrotron facilities, which have limited accessibility. Bringing these capabilities to lab-based systems has the potential to disrupt the market of commercial μCT system suppliers and service providers, the latter being a great bridge for low-threshold (i.e. no large investment for the end user) introduction of the technique to the market. Both the hardware as well as the software toolset that will result from this project will be close to the market, leading to both direct usage (as a service) and industrial R&D projects (system development). However, as this is a highly innovative sector, these developments will also enable new research opportunities in these companies.
  2. Producers of processed materials or R&D companies collaborating with these producers, primarily in the three different areas mentioned earlier. Through the fundamental understanding of the materials' structures and the dynamic processes that occur inside the materials, these companies will achieve more efficient product innovation, developing new and more sustainable materials. This will improve the consumer confidence. Despite their clear finality of industrial applications, the results of this project in the materials sciences will be rather fundamental.

Through user meetings, the IAB will be in regular contact with the scientists, matching scientific research and industrial technology needs. Although valorization through members of the IAB is preferential, new valorization potential in Flanders and the world will be explored.

If you are interested to become a part of this valorization, or you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact our Valorization Board.