About us


The platform is the gateway to collaboration between Ghent University researchers and educators and ASEAN & South Asia partners in higher education, research, policy and industry. We intend to:

Vietnamese schoolchildren at saltponds near Vinh Chau

ASEAN & South Asia within Ghent University

The ASEAN & South Asia Platform is one of the 6 Ghent University regional platforms which constitute a pillar of Ghent University Internationalisation strategy.

other Regional Platforms: East Asia Platform, Eureast Platform, Africa Platform, CESAM Platform (Central and South America) and North America Platform.

Who we are

Management Board

  • Chairperson: Prof. Christine Yung Hung
  • Coordinator: Jean Dhont (Ghent University Internationalisation)
  • Academic Director for Internationalisation: Prof. Guido Van Huylenbroeck
  • Faculty representatives:
Faculty Representative
Bioscience Engineering Marie Anne Eurie Forio
Engineering and Architecture Mark Saeys
Law and Criminology Erwan Lannon
Arts and Philosophy

Stef Slembrouck
Eva De Clercq

Economics and Business Administration Michael Frömmel
Medicine and Health Sciences Barbara Vanderstraeten
Frauke Coppieters
Political and Social Sciences Jeroen Adam
Bert Suykens
Psychology and Educational Sciences

Martin Valcke
Tamara Schellens

Sciences Johan De Grave
Thomas Hermans
Veterinary Medicine Hans Nauwynck
Pharmaceutical Sciences Marthe De Boevere
Ashish Kumar
  • Academic advisor: Patrick Sorgeloos


We aim at offering services to all Ghent University staff members interested in collaborating with ASEAN & South Asia partners. We promote the involvement of external partners, such as:

  • HoWest, HOGENT & Artevelde Hogeschool
  • City of Ghent, Province of East-Flanders
  • Flanders Investment & Trade

Where we are active

  • ASEAN = Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
  • SOUTH ASIA = India, Bangladesh, Pakistan