About us

Our Mission

Internationally recognized research related to both fundamental and applied aspects of chemistry in the domain of bioscience engineering, comprising advanced analysis, (bio)chemical as well as physicochemical conversion and treatment techniques, and sustainable process design.

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  • Advanced analytical chemistry and ultra-trace (high-resolution) mass spectrometry
  • Applied ecochemistry with focus on trace elements, isotopes, and organic micropollutants
  • Organic synthesis, use of renewable resources, bio-organic chemistry, microreactor technology
  • Particle and interfacial technology
  • Thermochemical biomass conversion
  • Ecotechnology for air and water treatment and resource recovery
  • Biosystems control
  • Life cycle assessment and sustainable process design
  • Catalysis


  • Sustainable (re)use of biological raw material and natural resources
  • Technological solutions, fit-for-use in different (industrial) and international contexts (e.g. developing countries)
  • Expertise and services for SME’s and non-profit organisations for their water treatment and re-use