The department is very actively involved in various Bachelor and Master programmes, such as the Dutch programmes for

Moreover, the department is the coordinator of the International Master of Science in Environmental Technology and Engineering and is also actively involved in other English programmes, such as:

Specific courses taught by individual professors

  • Pascal BoeckxAnalysis and application of isotopes in bioscience, tropical terrestrial ecosystems, greenhouse gas emissions and sinks.
  • Emile Cornelissen : Water technology.
  • Norbert De Kimpe: Organic synthesis, heterocyclic chemistry, agricultural chemistry, natural products.
  • Steven De Meester: Sustainable design of process chains, separation processes, downstream processing.
  • Kristof Demeestere: (Ultra-)trace analysis of organic compounds in ecosystems, emerging organic micropollutants in the aquatic environment, advanced oxidation processes and water treatment.
  • Jo Dewulf: Environmental and clean technology.
  • Matthias D’hooghe: Organic and bioorganic chemistry, heterocyclic chemistry, synthesis of bioactive compounds.
  • Gijs Du Laing: Analysis, chemistry and technology of trace elements in food and environment.
  • Ann DumoulinChemical analysis: water, environment, materials.
  • Philippe HeynderickxKinetics, heterogeneous catalysis, parameter estimation, environmental, mass spectrometric analysis, experiment-model-based analysis; organic chemistry, process engineering, environmental chemistry.
  • Sven Mangelinckx: Chemistry of non-proteinogenic amino acids, azaheterocycles and natural products; isolation, analysis, synthesis and modifcation of bioactive natural products.
  • Erik Meers: Environmental chemistry & technology for resource recovery in the agro-food value chain.
  • Wolter Prins: Advanced processes of gasification and pyrolysis of biomass, research in relation to the production of bio-oil, biochar and torrified biomass.
  • Frederik Ronsse: Thermochemical biomass conversion, biochar production, processing techniques.
  • Diederik Rousseau: Natural water purification systems (algae ponds, reed lands, ...), water quality.
  • Christian Stevens: Heterocyclic chemistry, aminophosphonate chemistry, micro-reactor technology, chemical modification of renewable sources.
  • Filip Tack: Biogeochemistry of trace elements, environmental impact of heavy metals, pollution of soil and sludge, chemical analysis.
  • Paul Van Der Meeren: Particle and interfacial technology.
  • Stijn Van HulleApplication of industrial water treatment (advanced) oxidation processes, LED H2O.
  • Herman Van Langenhove: Environmental chemistry and technology, air pollution, odour interference.
  • Arne Verliefde: Water treatment: drinking and industrial water, physicochemical treatment of waste water.
  • Pieter Vermeir: Nanotechnology: detection and characterization, chemical analysis.
  • Eveline Volcke: Biosystems control and design, environmental engineering, bioconversion processes.
  • Serge Zhuiykov: Nanostructures, two-dimensional semiconductors for environmental (gas & water) sensors,
    • energy conversion, solar cells and supercapacitors.