Data enhancement for improved control of wastewater treatment


Research objectives

The overall goal of this PhD research project is to obtain reliable process information based on data reconciliation by effective collection and utilisation liquid and off-gas data from wastewater treatment plant. This goal will be achieved following three successive research lines:

  • A stepwise methodology based on data reconciliation is developed using both liquid and off-gas data to improve general data from wastewater treatment plant by quantitative evaluation of the effect of measurement uncertainty on estimating key biological conversions.
  • The quantitative relation between off-gas composition and key biological conversions will be translated to mechanistic process models that directly relate off-gas composition with operational conditions.
  • The acquired knowledge from simulation and improved general data quality of wastewater treatment plant will be used to guide future data monitoring.


  • Data reconciliation
  • Modelling and simulation


  • data reconciliation
  • off-gass

Project Administration