The Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry and Applied Ecochemistry (Ecochem) belongs to the Department of Green Chemistry and Technology.

Tenured Academic Staff


Prof. Filip Tack, professor, head of the research group

Gijs Du Laing_picture

Prof. Gijs Du Laing, professor

Assisting Academic Staff

Antoine Delemazure

Antoine Delemazure, assistant & PhD candidate

Daniela Cuadra

Daniela Cuadra Granados, assistant & PhD candidate

Scientific Staff

Amelia Parao

Amelia Parao, PhD candidate  

Jingya Ren
Jingya Ren, PhD candidate     
Hind Belarbi
Hind Belarbi, PhD candidate    


Elise Meerburg
Elise Meerburg, training coordinator
Chao Cheng
Chao Cheng, joint PhD candidate     

Technical and administrative staff

Ann Mils
Ann Mils
, secretary
Roseline Blanckaert
Roseline Blanckaert, lab technician
Katty Sabo

Katty Sabo, lab technician

Joachim Neri
Joachim Neri, lab technician