Our group is equipped with advanced analytical instrumentation for trace analysis of (environmental) organic minorcomponents within a wide range of volatility and polarity.

For on-line trace analysis of VOCs at the ppbv level , we have a PTR-QiTOF (PTR-MS) and a SIFT-MS (Selected Ion Flow Tube).

Ionicon Analytik


Further on, we are specialized in both gas and liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry for sensitive and selective detection, such as:

  • thermal Desorption GC-MS instrumentation
  • high resolution mass spectrometry hyphenated to both GC and HPLC (HR-MS)
  • flame ionization detection (FID-GC)
  • UV-VIS PDA-detection (UV-VIS-HPLC)


For sampling and sample preparation of air, water and solid matrices:

  • whole air sampling (e.g. with Nalophane bags)
  • passive and active sorptive sampling (e.g. by use of Tenax-containing sorption tubes, PDMS-based SPME and SPDE devices,…)
  • extraction and clean-up instrumentation like ultrasonic and accelerated solvent extraction (ASE) and solid-phase extraction (SPE)

Mass spectrometry systems:

  • Centri - Gc x Gc - Exploris 240 Orbitrap - high resolution GC-MS/MS System
  • Ionicon PTR-QiTOF high resolution PTR-MS
  • Thermo Scientific Q Exactive Orbitrap LC-MS/MS System
  • Thermo Scientific MAT95XP-Trap LC-MS and GC-MS.
  • Syft Technologies Voice200 SIFT-MS
  • Thermo Scientific Trace-DSQ and Thermo Focus-DSQII with Markes International Ultra/Unity thermal desorption.

GC & LC Chromatography:

  • Thermo Surveyor HPLC with Autosampler, LC-pump and PDA detector
  • Various brands of GC instruments, most of them with split/splitless injector and FID detector:

Agilent 6890A

Agilent 4890D

Carlo Erba GC8000 Top

  • Dionex ICS-90 Ion Chromatograph with Autosampler

Other instruments:

  • Gilson GX-271 Solid Phase Extraction robot.
  • Dionex Accelerated Solvent Extraction (ASE) system.
  • Field Autosampler MTS-32 for 1/4" VOC sample tubes.
  • Shimadzu UV-1650 UV-VIS Spectrofotometer.
  • Anseros Ozomat GM ozone analyzer.
  • I.G.A.S. ozone generators