Equipment and Services


LCPE offers a broad range of services for both other research institutions and industrial partners:

  • Sample preparations of plastic or organic samples at different levels, among other things, shredding, pulverisette and dry ashing.
  • Various analytical equipment including GC-MS, ICP-OES, HPLC, TGA-IR, FT-IR, DSC, ...
  • Diverse unit operations such as continuous and batch distillation, wind sifting, and flotation.
  • Simulations with various software programs (ASPEN Plus®, MATLAB, and Python)

An overview of all the equipment available for services can be found below.

Besides the mentioned analytical and engineering services, LCPE also performs chemical and physical experiments to solve industrial problems in the field of plastic or organic waste recycling. 


LCPE uses different analytical and chemical lab and pilot-scale equipment and has experience with various software programs.

The table below gives an overview of the equipment and software present at LCPE.



       Sample preparation    




           Unit operations


      Process design with  

•Microwave digestion             
•Dry ashing
•Viscometer: Rotary and
•Particle sizing
(Laser Particle sizer, sieve
•Solid-liquid extraction
•Liquid-liquid extraction
•Continuous and batch distillation
•Density and froth flotation
•Pilot-scale friction washer
•Air classification/wind shifting
•Decanter centrifuge
•Counter current gas
•Filtration: pressure and
  sand filtration
•Column testing
  (Active carbon, Ion Exchange,…)
•Heated pressure reactor
•ASPEN Plus®
•Aspen HYSYS
•Aspen Heat Exchanger
 Design and Rating
•DoE with JMP and RStudio
•Material flow analysis