Applied Isotopes

  • Prof. Pascal Boeckx (lecturer), dr. Samuel Bodé (practical assistant)
  • MSc Faculty of Bioscience Engineering and Faculty of Sciences, Ghent University
  • Topic: theory and (biogeochemical) applications of stable and radio-isotopes
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Mass spectrometric and stable isotopes analyses

Climate Change: Evidence, Impacts & Mitigation

  • M Sc Environmental Sanitation, Ghent University
  • Topic: Principles of climate change, sources of greenhouse gases, impacts, vulnerability and adaptability

From 2020 this course is organized as: Multidisciplinary Analyses of Climate Change

Soil Fertility

  • Prof. Pascal Boeckx (co-lecturer)
  • MSc Physical Land Resources, Ghent University
  • Topic: Integrated nutrient management studies for tropical agriculture
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  • Prof. Pascal Boeckx (Coordinator)
  • General coordinator and specific coordinator for M Sc Bio-engineering - option Chemistry

Formation of Environmental Coordinator A/B

  • Prof. Pascal Boeckx
  • Institute for Permanent Formation (IVPV), Ghent University
  • Module AI – Biogeochemistry of pollutants (part Global Change)
  • Module AIV – Sanitation of pollution and nuisance (part Radiation),
  • 2.5 h online lectures