MsC. Ben Colpaert

AffiliationBen Colpaert

Isotope Bioscience laboratory – ISOFYS

Department of green Chemistry and Technology
Ghent University, Faculty of Bioscience Engineering

Laboratory of Plant Ecology

Department of plants and crops
Ghent University, Faculty of Bioscience Engineering

Actual position: PhD-student


Ben Colpaert is a PhD researcher at the ISOFYS laboratory as well as at the laboratory of Plant Ecology. He conducts research in the field of pomology, unravelling the complex nitrogen fluxes in- and outside of pear trees using stable isotopes and ecophysiological sensors. Thereby using this knowledge to on the one hand validating the rapid improving spectroscopy techniques considered to be a form of rapid, non-destructive tissue testing and on the other hand to achieve an optimized fertilization schedule for pear trees, which results in maximum N utilization efficiency, fruit yield and quality, a balanced growth of the trees and minimum environmental impact. 


Coupure links 653, 
9000 Gent, Belgium
Blok B, desk

Phone: +32 (0) 4 96 43 20 14



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