Research domains

The Particle and Interfacial Technology group focuses on various physico-chemical aspects of dispersions and solutions, such as:

  • Formulation of colloidal dispersions, such as (double) emulsions, (nano)suspensions and liposomal dispersions
  • Removal of solutes from aqueous streams using advanced membrane processes, such as RO, FO, ED, …
  • Determination of particle size and surface charge characteristics
  • Determination of membrane surface charge and wettability characteristics
  • Physico-chemical treatment processes of water streams

Research projects

Projects regarding preparation, stabilisation, characterisation and application of disperse systems

  • Application of double emulsions, of the water-in-oil-in-water type, in light food product or as carrier of sensitive ingredients
  • Influence of fat crystallization on the physico-chemical stability and fuctional properties of water-in-oil-in-water-type double emulsions
  • Protection of hydrophilic and hydrophobic food additives for ruminant animals by double emulsions, for prevention of premature breakdown in the rumen of food additives for ruminant animals, by stabilization in double emulsions
  • Conjugation of whey protein isolate and pectin to improve the heat stability of whey protein isolate as an emulsifier
  • Preparation, stabilization, characterization and application of food grade double emulsions
  • Production and application of biopolymer particles in emulsion-based foods, such as liquid-solid gels and foam food emulsions

Projects regarding physico-chemical treatment of drinking, waste- and process water

  • Removal of natural organic matter from drinking water with ion exchange and coagulation
  • Removal of trace organic compounds from water with advanced reduction processes and activated carbon adsorption
  • Transport of trace organic compounds through forward osmosis membranes
  • Fouling behaviour and fouling remediation of nanofiltration membranes, and its influence on rejection of trace organic compounds
  • Electro-separation processes in complex water streams, for resource and energy recovery
  • Development and optimization of a novel hybrid membrane process for energy-efficient seawater desalination
  • Modeling of electro-separation processes, focused on capacitive deionization and ion exchange membranes
  • Assisted forward osmosis for energy savings in reverse osmosis desalination
  • SATURN – Solar-Assisted Treatment of Urine with Recovery of Nutrients
  • Behavior of organic contaminants and treatment chemicals in steam-water cycles
  • Development of a membrane adsorption-bio-oxidation stage for concentration of wastewater, with subsequent fermentation for valorization of bio-energy

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